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Lots of cool reviews coming up, but in the meantime check out my latest review of the Phil Jones Bass Session 77 combo amp in Premier Guitar Magazine.
Looking for a new amp? My review of the Epifani 999 has just been released on PG's website. Spoiler alert: it's a beast.
Looking for a cool fretless bass? Check out my review of the Ibanez SF505F in Premier Guitar Magazine.


Check out my reviews of the Sandberg Forty Eight Bass and the Dunlop Cry Baby Mini Bass Wah in the February edition of Premier Guitar.

A double dose of reviews in the latest issue of Premier Guitar Magazine. Check out the Glockenklang Steamhammer and EHX Bass Clone
Three new reviews in Premier Guitar Magazine. Check out the Italia Maranello Cavo bass, Hotone B Station pedal, and Eden Astroflange
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